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About Us

Grit City Wellness is a community of athletes, healers, and innovators who leverage a combination of ancient techniques and modern technology to train harder, recover faster, manage chronic pain, sustain their edge, and enhance overall well-being. Visit us to discover more and embark on your journey towards improved health and wellness.

Meet the Team

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Chyna Willman

Owner and Founder

After 20 years in corporate roles, I started to experience burnout, pain, and chronic fatigue. Years of travel and compounding stress had taken their toll and I couldn’t keep up with the ailments I was experiencing. There were simply not enough hours in the day. 

It was while racing between appointments that the idea for Grit City Wellness was born. I dreamt of a singular environment that could provide the variety of services I required in half of the time. 

Inspired by the beauty of commencement bay and all the area has to offer, I began designing a first-rate wellness club that would allow me to self-direct my care based on the needs of my body, mind, and schedule. Grit City Wellness would be the ideal place to support busy professionals or those simply overwhelmed by life. 

I’m grateful to share the experiences that led me here and consider it a privilege to serve my community in this way. I’m most proud of our dedicated and dynamic team that makes “never giving up on yourself” obtainable and central to our mission. Each day we are gifted a new opportunity to support one another, build upon our passions, and reach relentlessly for our goals.  

Join us. 

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Theresa Taylor

Fitness Director, Personal Trainer

Theresa is a Cali transplant, after moving up and down the West Coast, her little family decided to call the PNW home. She’s had a love for exercise and fitness, playing sports and challenging her body at a young age, so it was only fitting to follow her passion. After graduation from Cal State Monterey Bay with a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, she began sharing her knowledge and love for strength training with the Tacoma Community. When she’s not in the gym, you might find her skating around with her daughter, chilling in a hammock, or perfecting her BBQ’n skills. Come gain some strength with her!

B.S Kinesiology: Exercise Science

Certificates: ACSM CPT (American College of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer)

PPSC (Pain-Free Performance Specialist)

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Kalli Swofford

Wellness Specialist, Team Leader

Kalli is a Tacoma native with a strong passion for holistic wellness and incorporating practices that nourish the mind, body and spirit into daily life.
Growing up as an athlete, fitness has always been a big part of her life, but within the last few years she has started diving much deeper into the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health. She has witnessed the profound impact that yoga, meditation and mindfulness have had on her own well-being and she is passionate about helping others discover the magic of these practices as well. Kalli has a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and is a certified integrative health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.During her free time, you can find Kalli enjoying the outdoors, catching live music, running, lifting, practicing yoga, painting or reading.
Stop by Grit and say hello, she would absolutely love to get to know you!

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Jocelyn Jackson

Wellness Specialist

Jocelyn is a Washington native who loves the outdoors. She was drawn to Grit City Wellness because of its positive, inclusive, and community-focused atmosphere.

She has learned firsthand that mental health is just as important as physical health, and is happy to be surrounded by likeminded individuals.

When she's not working at the Front Desk at Grit, you can find her camping, kayaking, exploring the PNW and spending time with her dog. She has a passion for plants and regenerative agriculture, and hopes to start a farm in Pierce County in the next few years.

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Lynda Savidge

Wellness Specialist, Yoga Facilitator

Offering yoga classes/sessions that assist people in feeling more peaceful and at ease in their bodies is Lynda’s true joy. She most loves teaching Slow Flow, Yin, Gentle and Restorative Yoga. Her background and intention lends itself to a warm, safe and meditative journey during her classes.

Lynda started exploring yoga over 20 years ago when she trained to teach Ayurveda and Meditation with Deepak Chopra. Soon after she became Certified in Reiki and Massage Therapy, co-founding an Integrative Healing Center. Here, every interaction, private healing session and group course deepened her commitment to helping people feel better.

Her desire to assist the healing process led her to delve into a host of healing techniques over her career. The addition of teaching yoga felt like connecting all of the dots on Lynda's journey as a healer. 

When she's not teaching, Lynda will likely be found hiking with her dog, taking pictures and being in perpetual awe of nature's magic. Her greatest joy is time with family - laughing, loving and embracing life fully!

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Courtney Letcher

Ashiatsu Practitioner and Endospheres Technician

Courtney Letcher is a seasoned and highly skilled therapist who discovered therapeutic bodywork after a severe car accident when she was 17. Realizing this treatment helped her more than any other she was inspired to become an LMT in 2007 and has been supporting others with her variety of specialized techniques ever since. Whether you suffer from back pain, a recent injury or you are an athlete looking to enhance performance Courtney can customize a treatment session to your specific needs.

Her specialties include Ashiatsu, Deep Tissue Repair, Cupping, and Reflexology. Something that sets Courtney apart is her specialization in Ashiatsu which uses the barefoot massage technique delivering a broad consistent pressure utilizing her feet and body weight.

Among her accomplishments, Courtney has had the opportunity to train under Ruthie Hardie, the founder of Ashiatsu, work with a Rugby team in New Zealand and treat a local well-known (and loved) Women's Professional Soccer team. She has also worked extensively with Chiropractors and Physical Therapists to help patients with auto and sport-related injuries. Courtney says, "The greatest reward comes from the success stories of the patients I've had the good fortune to support. Helping people is my passion".

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Saare Elizabeth

Endospheres Technician and Yoga Facilitator

Meet Saare (say-air) Elizabeth She/Her/Them 

Saare Elizabeth is originally from Georgia and makes a three-year pit-stop in the PNW as a military spouse and is open and ready to serve those who cross her path for discovery, exploration, and healing through movement. 

Prior to becoming a Kundalini Yoga Meditation, Vinyasa, and intuitive movement facilitator, Saare was a group exercise instructor and taught several exercise modalities such as P90x, Insanity, and Piyo. After moving and giving birth to her daughter in Germany, Saare took a 2-year hiatus from teaching group exercise classes to explore what was calling her to make a bigger impact on the people who took her classes.  

Saare later discovered on her healing journey that she is a healer and teacher for people who are wanting a deeper connection to themselves, the divine, and to heal childhood trauma. Whilst in Germany Saare then hosted Kundalini Yoga Meditation classes and healing workshops and self-published a book helping mothers heal and return to their True Identity. During the pandemic, Saare seized the opportunity to become a certified Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance. Saare holds many certifications in spiritual life coaching, Reiki Master, and medicine women. Saare defines herself as a spiritual bag of tricks but most importantly human with a huge heart.  

Saare Elizabeth prides herself in holding space allowing the seeker to feel safe, seen, and heard. In her method of teaching Saare focuses more on connection to body and breath to access wisdom, union, and peace within while teaching from a down-to-earth perspective. 

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Jered Bailey

Personal Trainer, Reiki Practitioner

Jered’s journey began when he started to shift his perspective. In becoming more aware of how the influences in his life were impacting him, his sensitivities to his own inner workers were becoming clearer. When the invisible world full of emotional and energetic properties started to come into focus, that was when things started to make more sense to him. Radical honesty and vulnerability created an opening and pathway for him to be open enough to create room for himself, and witness the ways in which the pain and trauma in his life had really been affecting him — mind, body, and spirit. It is his desire to share his story and perspective with others and aid them on their own embodiment journey. When Jered isn’t at Grit City, you can typically find him preparing delicious meals or outdoors reconnecting with nature.

NCCPT Personal Trainer
Precision Nutrition Coach
Certified Pain Management Specialist
Animal Flow Coach
Reiki Practitioner


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Jerad Lewis

Personal Trainer

Jerad is originally from Southern California but has been adopted by the PNW ever since his family moved to Tacoma in '04. ⁠ ⁠ While his affinity with health and wellness only began 6 years ago, it has grown into a passion for helping others live life more buoyantly. ⁠ ⁠When he's not in the gym, you can often find him behind a drum set, reading a book, or watching sports. 

Jerad is competent in several modalities for achieving muscular strength, muscular endurance, powerlifting, corrective exercise, and mobility. He is most familiar with corrective exercise, bodybuilding, and powerlifting style training. ⁠ ⁠ Jerad has an Associate's Degree in Kinesiology from Pierce College. He is currently attending Pacific Lutheran University and is on the brink of attaining his B.A. in Kinesiology. He holds a National Academy of Sports Medicine certificate as a Certified Personal Trainer.⁠ ⁠Let Jerad be your companion on your health and wellness journey today!⁠ ⁠ 


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Carol Browne

Group Fitness Instructor

Carol has lived near Ruston Way and in the Proctor district since 1978. Her love for fitness began in 1989 when she started teaching high-impact aerobics at the YMCA. During her career, she has taught muscle toning, spin, senior fitness, and TRX. Currently, she teaches muscle toning, body sculpting, isometric Pilates, and is also a personal trainer. 

Carol has been an instructor of fitness and muscle toning at Tacoma Community college for over 20 years. Her passion is to help others achieve their fitness goals and fall in love with exercise. Carol loves photography and travel! Some of her favorite trips have been to Machu Picchu in Peru, Iguazu Falls in Argentina, and Istanbul. Loves chocolate and coffee. “I am most excited to work alongside the team at Grit City Wellness. 

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Karen Peters

Yoga Facilitator

Karen is passionate about how embodied anatomy, mindfulness, creativity and movement practices can transform pain and trauma into wisdom, love, and resiliency. She has trained for 300 hours with the Embodied Flow School of Yoga and for over 350 hours within the Body-Mind Centering Somatic Movement Educator Program. Karen is a songwriter and performer with an upcoming solo album, Of the Embers, and with her band, Her Treehouse.  


Karen (she/her) offers private movement sessions that weave together practices of Yoga, Somatic Movement, Pranayama, and anatomy education. She is passionate about working with clients who want to build sustainable movement practices and deepen their relationship with themselves. Karen has a special capacity to work with people who live with injuries or chronic pain. 

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Megan Hart

Somatic Coach and Yoga Facilitator

Megan is a yoga teacher, embodiment & somatic coach. 

She received her BA in Psychology and went on to work for a world-renowned Hypnotherapy company for 11+ years. Over time she started noticing substantial gaps in the fields of psychology & hypnotherapy. Concurrently on her own personal growth journey, Megan explored many paths, however never quite satisfied with the somatic & emotional bypassing that is ingrained in much of our culture. Through a series of synchronicities, Megan discovered the world of Embodiment & Somatic work, which is actually what made Yoga come alive for her. Quickly she realized that this kind of work ‘plugged’ many of the gaps (such as integrating emotional self-awareness into actual embodied change) that plague our modern world. When she’s not working, Megan loves spending time in our lush forest hiking, practicing Flamenco, making art and slowing down.

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Kate Tucci-Zamberlin

Yoga Facilitator

Kate has called Washington home all her life. Connecting to nature has been a consistent practice for her whether it’s snowboarding in the mountains, boating in the San Juan Islands, hiking the areas surrounding the Gorge, or just sitting by a river rockhounding, growing up in the beautiful PNW is interwoven into the fabric of Kate’s soul. 

Kate has been learning and working with different forms of healing modalities since her teen years and became interested in yoga and meditation. This led to her taking a 200-hour training to be able to teach yoga herself. She has also taught paddle board yoga and is currently working on her prenatal yoga teacher training to develop her understanding and expand her offerings. 

Kate enjoys creating space where people feel seen/ heard to be their authentic selves while exploring their own journey with healing. Lover of animals, plants, and art Kate is passionate about all things mushrooms. She loves live music and volunteers doing harm reduction services at events. One of her favorite things to do is road trips with her partner and dogs to explore new places and of course, give her dogs the best life possible! 


A new kind of Wellness Club

As we envisioned a new kind of wellness club, we wanted to address the needs of the whole person in a way that is both meaningful and efficient. Too often, self-care is one treatment squeezed into an overwhelming schedule with little opportunity for lasting benefits. Our holistic model allows guests to select, stack and self-direct a variety of treatments to optimize health and thrive in their daily lives.


Land Acknowledgement

Grit City Wellness acknowledges that we are on the traditional land of the Puyallup and Coastal Salish People. We offer this statement to recognize and honor the land and people who stewarded these lands and waterways for generations and continue to do so today. We pay respect and commit to including the voices, perspectives and histories of the Indigenous people of this land and beyond.


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